Generation Earthling

Welcome to Generation Earthling!

About the Project

What are we trying to achieve? Generation Earthling seeks to share stories of individuals across different generations. Connecting young and old, it increases dialogue between all generations about their experiences and perspectives on how it is to grow up in different eras. Inspired by the traditions of eastern societies where the sharing of wisdom between generations is cherished, it hopes to generate a deep respect for the experiences of us all. 

By the end of 2011 the project aims to have brought together stories from people across all generations and in all regions of the world. We hope to form a rich web of stories that illustrate what life was like at different parts of the last 100 years across different countries of the world.

About the Founder

Fiona Ghiglione, PhD, is an Australian-born business consultant, expatriate and mother, with a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia. Fiona specializes in experience-based learning and mindfulness-based therapies and has a special interest in cross-generational communication. Fiona's research on mindfulness supports the idea that connecting more authentically and honestly with one's own moment to moment experience may offer benefits beyond our own health and psychological well-being. Her research demonstrated that more mindful employees, who actively cultivate mindfulness on a regular basis, are more engaged in their work and experience enhanced cognitive and emotional functioning on the job. One study compared mindfulness meditators with elite athletes, trained in selective attention, and found mindfulness practitioners to share similar attentional benefits to athletes however had much higher levels of acceptance, insight and mindfulness based self-efficacy to athletes.

Fiona founded this blog as a not-for-profit project to promote intergenerational sharing of experience through story-telling. The project is based on previous research that demonstrates emotional, cognitive, health and social benefits from communicating one's life experiences with others. 

"Self‐descriptions always make me laugh. Here we are trying to summarize with words how we are, conjuring up all manner of stereotypes in the process. Mine goes like this: Australian‐born‐Greek, generation X, psychologist, expatriate. According to this description I should love beer, wear flip-flops, have big hair and be able to "analyze" you on first sight. Somehow I managed to turn out none of these things. I can't stand beer, don't own a pair of flip flops, only flaunt big hair when I wake up in the morning and find that, more often than not, people often still intrigue me. What I can say about myself, all generalizations aside, is that I love the taste of fresh coffee in the morning, a hearty laugh, a good workout and the feeling of returning to Oz as the plane touches down on the tarmac. On all accounts I like to think that I'm a work in progress. And somehow I seem to discover something new about myself every day, which as you can imagine keeps me thoroughly entertained. I look forward to sharing more about my life and some amazing stories of other people's lives over the course of this project. I also look forward to hearing your story along the way." - Fiona

Your Stories and Contributions

If you would like to share your story and represent your country and generation you can participate by emailing We also invite you to share your thoughts and experiences through the comments pages at the end of each blog and interview. Also keep your eyes open for upcoming events.